Sunday, 20 April 2008

a sketch of a triptych I'm going to make...

left side is humanity, right side is the robot army, middle is cyborg jesus merged with an ICBM and flanked by the seven headed dragon of revelations.



I believe that people can be selfless, but only if they are very stupid.

This is not because those with intelligence do not do good things for others, but rather that they cannot help but think about the positive repercussions of their action, thus making what would be a selfless act into one of self promotion.

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Zack said...

It is is impossible to be unaware of PR advantages of "selfless" acts. And I supose that as a consequence no act done by a perceptive individual can be truly selfless. And of course, there is always the guilt aspect, where rather than PR, the payoff occurs in self-respect. However, these acts can also be done out of a genuine desire to assist someone. Even though these other motives may be present, they may not be the primary impetus. Rather than being the point of the action, they're added benifits that come along with it...that naturall do play certain role in the decision-making process. They are not, hoever, the point of the action. In such case, I think it is still possible to consider an act selfless even though they do play a role so long as the motive to help somone is the most important driving factor. That's my oppinion anyway.