Sunday, 29 June 2008

Well I'm currently sick and had a long day at work (although this long day consisted of me sitting on my ass and drawing), but at least I got some drawing done, although as usual not yet finished.

Also... three days ago? I went out to peter's 21'st b-day, which was long, awesome, and resulted in me winding up with pain in my skull the next day.

Also, we managed to end up at a strip joint even though by that point we had lost peter...

I was distracted at the time, but I remember an aura of Sad mixed with Acceptance.

sort of read/slept through the next day... why do I always get sick so damn abruptly? I'd like to at least have some warning.

You know, I never really write about specific people on this blog because those sort of things always seem so silly in retrospect, and even if you mean them as a sort of generalization of a certain type of character the people in question almost always seem to take them personally.

All the same I would love to write more at length about the various personality types that fill my (and I'm sure everybody's) life.

... maybe something more anonymous?


Wednesday, 25 June 2008

So I'm finally getting my summer started after taking a month and a half of classes.

Which, in all honesty weren't so bad, but they sort of drained me enough to stop me from actually getting much work done on my comic.

And goddamn I'm excited for it!

Talking with Alex a bit today, and just discussing exactly what underlying themes I should have in my mind as I approached writing it out.

So far the dominant ones would be moral ambiguity, moralism in general, unpaid debts, and the overarching one of humanity's lost humanity.

In large part this would be an exploration of character types in the context of each other, each of whom at first would represent a certain way of approaching life, but over time and through contact with other characters will have that way of thinking polluted and twisted. Can't forget something you've really learned, no matter how much you would prefer to still think the old way...

The main protagonist will be a near omnipotent male (well, looks male anyways). His coming to earth X amount of years ago will be the catalyst for virtually all the other story lines in the larger story.

He's not an asshole per se, but he is absolutely morally ambiguous. All his actions are done in the context of him and him alone, and whether he harms or hurts other people, places, or things is of no consequence to him.

The secondary main protagonist will be a young girl, probably around 10 ~ 12 years old. She is accompanied by an exo suit which she wears most of the time. This suit has the intelligence level of a smart dog, but doesn't act act in any kind of dog like ways. It simply knows basic things like owner, pain, enemy, etc.

This young girl has, in the beginning of the story, a very strong moral compass. She knows what she wants, and how to get it. She is able to unite herself with the main protagonist because she has information that he needs to get what he wants. Namely, he wants pieces of himself that have been consumed by various powerful humans from around the world, and she wants to have these said humans killed or knocked from power.

These humans are called High Fathers. Rulers of floating city states, they have augmented powers, manifestations of their own inner psyche caused by consuming the body of the main protagonist when he first fell to earth. They rule with iron fists (almost literally, as they each have millions of peace keeping bots under their control). However they *do* manage to keep peace in their individual cities, and these cities are composed of tens of millions of people. These floating cities are essentially utopias in what would otherwise be a dystopian landscape.

The young girl wants to have these rulers disposed of because they are immensely powerful, limit individual freedom on a massive scale, and essentially view themselves as near to godliness (in some cases actually viewing themselves as gods). However after a few of them have been taken down by her and the male protagonist, she will begin to be aware of the massive amount of destruction they are leaving behind.

Power struggles resulting in the hundreds of thousands of deaths, burning mega cities, even more corrupt and terrifying leaders, and a complete abolishment of the fragile utopian societies that existed under the former all powerful leaders.

As she attempts to deal with this she realizes that her ally of necessity really just doesn't give a shit. He will continue on his path of re collecting himself no matter who is crushed along the way, and tells her as much.


Anyways, there's quite a few other characters that will have some important story arcs, much of what happens is being controlled by someone who the reader won't see for some time, and things will likely get much more complicated before they get simple.

But I really just want to draw this world out! Breath life into people, places, and things, and see how they interact with one another.

Also the idea of how to deal with our own desires when they directly conflict with the desires or well being of others. At what point does the self take a back seat to the needs of others? Some would argue almost immediately, others might say almost never.

Hmm, I'll have to write out a script too, but at least the local is becoming fleshed out in my head, and I'm starting to get a much better feel for how things are going to fall out.


and here are some quick character sketches!

(more secondary characters coming soon...)

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

applied for a few jobs, applied for an internship, got contacted to make a logo, have someone new in my life, buckling down onto my comic, summer classes are done, want to start reading again.



Thursday, 19 June 2008

school's almost done (again), awesome things are happening, but don't feel like doing a blog post yet.

So here's some color variation spider girl.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

need to focus.

relaxing more than is necessary.