Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Listening to a song and fighting an urge to just post the lyrics instead of writing a post.

whoops, just deleted a post about the differences between who I am now and who I was then.

haha, oh well.

OH hey!

Know what's fantastic?


Saturday, 11 July 2009

So a few things are up my sleeve at the moment.

Awhile ago Dan started a kind of mini illustration society, which since then seems to be going in the direction of turning into a comic collaboration.

In an effort to actually start making something me and Sherman are going to collaborate on an epic (and perhaps humerous) online sci fi/ fantasy comic.

So far things look awesome.


another thing I'm starting to work on is a game. I've attached an image of the initial design of the leveling process of the players spacecraft.

I figure although I can't program, if I come up with all the visual assets of a game I can probably find a programmer to cobble it all together for me. Perhaps Tommy?

At the very least it might make for an interesting portfolio piece.


The final thing is that it's time to start life drawing again. As I type this I am heading towards a life drawing class ($14 dollars, soho, the more the merrier) which I will try to attend at least once a week.


Also it is (past) time to do laundry.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Forcing myself to blog.

Starting to feel overwhelmed by the desire to do nothing, but thankfully I've got four days of work a week and an active (too active at times) social life to rouse me from my tiny messy room up in Harlem.

Another step in a good direction is that I'm going to start taking life drawing classes again. 14$ at Spring Studio. The place has a nice website, so I have high hopes.

I'm pretty sure it's just the immensity of the future that's making me so lethargic, and I'm also sure that I'll become numb to that feeling soon enough.


Life is better than good, and at times, with certain people, it is great.

... although work wise those are the least productive moments. Eeh.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

So I woke up yesterday to my cat having a half dollar sized hole in her side. Apparently a cyst had formed there by another cat biting her (the door is often open to the outside. lots of cats around.) and so the cyst had filled up with pus, and then it had been ripped/bitten/torn open and off.

So yeah, I could see her muscles shifting where her skin and fur should have been. I got her to the vet and I got her patched up, although I think that patch job isn't going to be enough and she's going to have to have surgery done.

She's been very sweet throughout, I'm tempted to find the cat that bit her and kick it.

In better news I now have two jobs, one that pays well and is awesome, the other that pays okay and is amusing.

So I guess technically I can support myself now! I mean, aside from health insurance, and oddly my cell phone bill. So I guess I can't cut the umbilical cord just yet. Still, food and rent are now manageable, and that makes me feel relieved.


Other stuff is ongoing as well, and I have quite a few drawings to show since the last time I posted (which isn't saying much considering how long ago that was) but I'm feeling burned out tonight.

But yeah, I'll start updating again now.