Wednesday, 31 December 2008

throw some more quick drawings up here, eat some mozzarella and baguette, and then it's off to usher in the new years!

Let us reflect on the past year for a moment first.

2008, you were a strange year for me.

Lots changed.

And I feel like a different person now.


Hopefully it was all for the best!

Here's to 2009 being even stranger and even more catalytic!!


Tuesday, 30 December 2008

finally getting better from whatever it is I had.

the flu probably.

Just slept and ached for the past week, got nothing done.

Oh well.

back on schedule now!

Christmas was nice, I have lots of hats now, and a beautiful paul pope silkscreen!


Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Damn, well I'm getting sick too.

Best time to do it I guess!

Eh, so I was contacted by a forum member on one of the sites I post at about doing some illustrations for them two weeks ago.

Alot of illustrations for them actually.

Forty full color illustrations all previously thought out and all complex with reoccurring characters and consistent landscapes.

This was in the middle of finals time so I felt that I had to delay negotiations until I actually had some time on my hands.

They seemed okay with this, but when I went to contact them yesterday they directed me towards a webpage where the project was already underway.

Even more sobering was the fact that the new artist was fantastic, and had done a staggering amount of work in what must have been about a week.

In a situation like this my hands were tied, but all the same I hope this kind of thing doesn't happen too often...

edit: give me stuff to browse! update those blogs people!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

mah kittehs ahre khute!



last night as I was heading back to brooklyn, headphones deep in ear and completely oblivious to my surroundings, I see an advertisement that has been scrawled over to the point that it resembles an image forum.

This is the G train I'm waiting for now so I have plenty of time, and the bright idea of adding to this group project hits me.

I squat down in front of it and add an alien head next to a portrait of a hipster. I'm drawing for about five minutes when a flash of light goes off behind me.

Curious as to why someone would be taking pictures I turn around and look across the platform.

On the other side is a young guy with a camera. He looks bemused. He nods with his head to the side and I look to his left.

Standing there irately are two policemen.

Realizing I can't hear what they are saying because of the headphones in my ears I uncork my head.

Still from across the platform they proceed to go off on me about how I'm defacing subway property, they can't believe I would so blatantly ignore them, etc etc.

For some reason I find this very amusing, mostly because it really was just outright stupid of me to not look around first.

I apologize and accept responsibility for what I've done.

A guy next to me, young, probably went to pratt, tells me to zip it and not make matters worse for myself.

One of the policemen trots up the stairs to either arrest me or give me a summons. The other continues to tell me how I'm not very bright, how the fine is hundreds of dollars, and then proceeds to go up the stairs as well.

For awhile I stand there awaiting the inevitable descent of the law, but then I realize that it should only take them a minute to cross over and it's already been about five.

After another five minutes it dawns on me that something of actual importance must of happened upstairs, and when I listen I can hear muffled loud conversation.

Then the train arrived.

And so a lesson was learned, but at zero cost.


Wednesday, 17 December 2008

well, I've been happily killing myself working recently, but now that I'm done with the happy part I have to move onto the unhappy part.

building a flash website.


But all my stuff that actually matters for survey is looking pretty decent, and I should be all but ready as soon as I can leave work.

I'll resize them and post at some later blog.


Goddamn I love drawing but I get so frustrated at my inability to assimilate the skill of all the crazily talented people around me.

cannibalism perhaps.

Sunday, 14 December 2008


it's hard to keep track of all the variables.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Blargh, image dump.

been working on more than this, but it was what was on my desktop.

only a week until break, and then a semester till graduation.

Really want some technical classes...


eh, and as usual I delete the majority of a post before submitting it.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

past tired, but i'm going to force myself to sleep.


I always have crappy blog posts during finals.

pics are a w.i.p. and "harry; a retrospective"

Monday, 1 December 2008

The belief that you are the center of the world (for better or worse) is an undeniably powerful survival tool, after all how would one cope with the fact that their minor problems or accomplishments are utterly trivial in almost every sense?

Still, a global enforced perspective, (hell even a city wide perspective) maybe only once a week or so, would be something that if I could put into effect I would do so while laughing.

Just imagine!

All the things you (and everyone else) wanted to complain or boast about, suddenly and completely put in line with all the other tribulations and triumphs of humanity!

Fantastically sobering.

Might be a nice icebreaker too.