Sunday, 29 June 2008

Well I'm currently sick and had a long day at work (although this long day consisted of me sitting on my ass and drawing), but at least I got some drawing done, although as usual not yet finished.

Also... three days ago? I went out to peter's 21'st b-day, which was long, awesome, and resulted in me winding up with pain in my skull the next day.

Also, we managed to end up at a strip joint even though by that point we had lost peter...

I was distracted at the time, but I remember an aura of Sad mixed with Acceptance.

sort of read/slept through the next day... why do I always get sick so damn abruptly? I'd like to at least have some warning.

You know, I never really write about specific people on this blog because those sort of things always seem so silly in retrospect, and even if you mean them as a sort of generalization of a certain type of character the people in question almost always seem to take them personally.

All the same I would love to write more at length about the various personality types that fill my (and I'm sure everybody's) life.

... maybe something more anonymous?


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