Sunday, 7 September 2008

There is a delicate balance for me with the tastiness of food.

It is not just simply a matter of the food BEING tasty.

That is, well cooked, fresh ingredients, interesting combinations, etc.

That is simply the *first test*.

Then there are other factors.

1st. The price of the food.

A five dollar burger that is good tasting is is infinitely better than a 100 dollar burger that is delicious.

It actually *tastes better* simply by having a better price to taste ratio.


Difficulty in obtaining the food.

If I have to go significantly out of my way, wait an inordinate amount of time, or am in some way inconvenienced more than would be expected the quality of the food drops.


uh. yeah, those two above are pretty much the main factors.


In any case I waited in line for probably close to an hour and a half today for a burger with some friends.

the wait wasn't bad, it was a beautiful day and my friends were there.

but dammit if a delicious burger and a shake wasn't downgraded severely because of it.


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MONster said...

i like the poop/root man. why didn't u get me a burger? mann.