Sunday, 12 April 2009

I find that I have a pleasant reaction to frustration and impediment.

Work harder.

It's not really a reaction that will fix all my problems in every situation, but at the very least it helps distract me from them.


Well, in this case it's certainly the right response, as I only have three weeks left of school, and I really don't think I can be working hard enough.

After that I will be given a sheet of paper stating that i "draw real good" (regardless of actual talent), and will unfortunately have to uproot myself from the comfy nest I have pieced together over the previous year.

As is always the case I have accumulated even more priceless junk that I will need to sort through, keep, sell, or throw out.

My somewhat massive comic/art book collection continues to grow.

I will probably die in middle age due to me reaching for a "ranma" manga and having a whole bookshelf of pulp paper come crashing down ontop of my head.


I think I read a story about that happening to a brother who lived in a maze of books with his blind sibling, and then the blind sibling died alone in the self built catacomb.

(anyways, here are two updated but perpetually unfinished drawings)


Malia said...

I think I read you that story about the two brothers. Pretty sad!

Nice work!

Jess said...
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Jess said...

I really love watching the progress of your pieces! I think working hard is the only way to go when you are frustrated (or give up which is a void thought).
I imagine your comic library will look like this (wait for it to load! it's a book staircase!!!) Then again it looks semi-unsafe but mostly too cool to be concerned about such a thing.