Saturday, 20 November 2010

Okay, page 2!

And if you're already getting bored of landscapes by page 2, I promise page 3 will have lots of bustling robots.

Also, I feel terrible about not contributing to the awesome website this week, but it's a collaboration project by various folk that I got to know at the ACA, and who every friday will put up a new piece of fanart dedicated to their artist(s) of choice.

Bookmark it! These artists are fantastic, and the artists that they honor are equally as fantastic.


Kt Shy said...

Niiiiiice colours Mr.B! And yeah we missed you this Friday, but since you were dolling out some justice of your own it's all good! Hope all's swell!

Thi said...

I agree with Katie - these ARE great colors, Harry! Looking forward to seeing more.

KP said...

Great panel! the colors are great and your linework is really working with it. I can definitely feel the space you are trying to show. BTW this is the guy that talked to you at forbidden planet, great stuff!