Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Eh, so I was contacted by a forum member on one of the sites I post at about doing some illustrations for them two weeks ago.

Alot of illustrations for them actually.

Forty full color illustrations all previously thought out and all complex with reoccurring characters and consistent landscapes.

This was in the middle of finals time so I felt that I had to delay negotiations until I actually had some time on my hands.

They seemed okay with this, but when I went to contact them yesterday they directed me towards a webpage where the project was already underway.

Even more sobering was the fact that the new artist was fantastic, and had done a staggering amount of work in what must have been about a week.

In a situation like this my hands were tied, but all the same I hope this kind of thing doesn't happen too often...

edit: give me stuff to browse! update those blogs people!

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