Monday, 1 December 2008

The belief that you are the center of the world (for better or worse) is an undeniably powerful survival tool, after all how would one cope with the fact that their minor problems or accomplishments are utterly trivial in almost every sense?

Still, a global enforced perspective, (hell even a city wide perspective) maybe only once a week or so, would be something that if I could put into effect I would do so while laughing.

Just imagine!

All the things you (and everyone else) wanted to complain or boast about, suddenly and completely put in line with all the other tribulations and triumphs of humanity!

Fantastically sobering.

Might be a nice icebreaker too.


Finhand said...

It's difficult for me to argue against this since such a humbling perspective is, theoretically, the only rational way I would want to see the world.
Others, though, can't begin to deal with the idea of their own insignificance (egotists, philosophers, Woody Allen, etc.), and the question is whether anyone REALLY can. Remember the Total Perspective Vortex, the most feared torture device in the universe from the Hitchhiker's Guide which did exactly that.

This is another one of your utopian visions that could doom human civilization, Harry.

Mr. B said...

The only solutions that could possibly lead to a utopian future are the ones people fear.

Also man do I love British humor...

Hunter said...

Hey man it's Hunter. Sweet work!