Sunday, 8 March 2009

After spending some time talking with Zach I again realize how much of a self centered know it all egoist I am/come across as.

There is nothing that I have heard of that I do not have an opinion on, there is no problem that I will not give advice to, and I am absolutely convinced that life will continue to get better for me no matter what failings I have/encounter.

Happily I can say that I have few emotional problems, but pathologically I sure do have some quirks.


This defect is probably one of the better things I have going for me.

I have been told by teachers and friends that it is healthy to be afraid of the future, and have been admonished for living a sheltered life as well as being naively optimistic.

But to live optimistically while still being motivated, this seems to be the best path one could take.


Awesome things = have a place to live upon graduation for six hundred a month/ no utilities, and my internship has started paying me 19 an hour!


fireplug said...

oh yesssssss
yes yes yes YES YES YESSSS!!!!!!

(the first one)

Travis said...

Mmmm... I'll spruce this up nice.