Saturday, 11 July 2009

So a few things are up my sleeve at the moment.

Awhile ago Dan started a kind of mini illustration society, which since then seems to be going in the direction of turning into a comic collaboration.

In an effort to actually start making something me and Sherman are going to collaborate on an epic (and perhaps humerous) online sci fi/ fantasy comic.

So far things look awesome.


another thing I'm starting to work on is a game. I've attached an image of the initial design of the leveling process of the players spacecraft.

I figure although I can't program, if I come up with all the visual assets of a game I can probably find a programmer to cobble it all together for me. Perhaps Tommy?

At the very least it might make for an interesting portfolio piece.


The final thing is that it's time to start life drawing again. As I type this I am heading towards a life drawing class ($14 dollars, soho, the more the merrier) which I will try to attend at least once a week.


Also it is (past) time to do laundry.

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