Wednesday, 1 July 2009

So I woke up yesterday to my cat having a half dollar sized hole in her side. Apparently a cyst had formed there by another cat biting her (the door is often open to the outside. lots of cats around.) and so the cyst had filled up with pus, and then it had been ripped/bitten/torn open and off.

So yeah, I could see her muscles shifting where her skin and fur should have been. I got her to the vet and I got her patched up, although I think that patch job isn't going to be enough and she's going to have to have surgery done.

She's been very sweet throughout, I'm tempted to find the cat that bit her and kick it.

In better news I now have two jobs, one that pays well and is awesome, the other that pays okay and is amusing.

So I guess technically I can support myself now! I mean, aside from health insurance, and oddly my cell phone bill. So I guess I can't cut the umbilical cord just yet. Still, food and rent are now manageable, and that makes me feel relieved.


Other stuff is ongoing as well, and I have quite a few drawings to show since the last time I posted (which isn't saying much considering how long ago that was) but I'm feeling burned out tonight.

But yeah, I'll start updating again now.


fireplug said...

I will HELP you kick the cat that bit her

Malia said...

Oh no! :( Hope she's feeling better soon!! Miss you Harry!!

Malia said...

Oh, and congrats on the job stuff!