Tuesday, 27 May 2008

New Jersey was beautiful, the grass was green, the sky was blue, and the trees and ground were all crawling with tent caterpillars.

Those little bastards were EVERYWHERE.

You could not walk without either stepping one one, or having one fall on you.


luckily I find them adorable (for the most part) although the actual tent HIVES are pretty goddamn disgusting. Large silken blobs of caterpillar shit and writhing squishy body masses.

Poke one with a stick and the whole bottom ruptures, releasing what can only be described as the innards of a pinata from HELL.


Also I played magic the gathering with travis. Kinda ( alot).

good times.

I also have a shitton of work to do for my liberal art classes all of a sudden.

To be honest it's kinda interesting stuff, but I do feel a natural resistance to investing any large amount of time into essays.

Still, I guess I might as well? We'll see how that turns out.


drawings! (as usual not finished! Aaay!)

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