Thursday, 15 May 2008

well it's uh, kind of been awhile.

A shit ton of things have happened.


But, you know, time has passed, so there's not really any point in talking about them amirite?

That being said, the webcomic idea I have is maturing nicely inside of my skull, and soon I should be able to dedicate those ideas to paper, and, um, screen, so that makes me fairly happy.

Had a good time at Tay's birthday party the other day with him and Renee, and it sort of reminded me of all the people I know that I never seem to remember to get in touch with.

Which is a terrible thing, because I sort of know alot of awesome people.

... can't say the fact that I realized that is going to change anything, but at least the idea is bobbing around inside my skull now.


anyways, I'm just going to throw up a bunch of pictures now.


most of them are sort of experimental, and a few are character designs, none are completed pieces.


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