Friday, 23 May 2008

well, going to be off to new jersey tomorrow to celebrate both my brother's and my father's birthdays (my family has no qualms with celebrating things weeks, months, sometimes almost a year after the thing has actually happened.)

But, before I run off I guess I should give a (very) quick recap of some of the more enjoyable events of the last week? I mean, that's what a blog is for right?

... that and feeling like you're talking to yourself.

But anyways, considering that many of the people I know and involve myself with have gone home it's been surprisingly social.

There's been a few parties, a few long overdue reunions, a few goodbye hangouts, and quite a bit of reminiscing.

Enjoyed a party with david and renee (for david), got to see sofia again for the first time in ages, went to a party with alex that vera was hosting, went to a murikami exhibit with david and discussed japans various eccentricities, went to a dog pound with alex, and saw a reading of my dad's with veronica and her friend, and ran into zoe (another friend I hadn't seen in agesĖ†2), and I'm sure did other things that I'm currently forgetting about... ... durr...

The problem that I always find (in my mind) is that whenever I find myself being social I inevitably also find myself feeling guilty.

It doesn't matter where the guilt comes from, in this particular instance it's that I'm not drawing enough, but I still can't figure out if it's actually warranted or if it's all in my mind.

For now I'm willing to say it's mostly in my mind, as I am drawing a decent amount everyday, although I feel in another week or so I should shut the blast doors for a bit and just draw until I start laughing or weeping uncontrollably.

whichever comes first.

anyways, um. I'll do a big drawing soon, but for now here's a few more experiments and sketches.


Dan said...

This stuff is interesting coming from you. Photo trace?

Monica said...

have you gotten the puppy yet?!