Friday, 27 February 2009

Time has again decided to be lazy as hell and started to take most of the day off.

If I could perceive time through someone elses eyes I would be appalled at how little of it I retain.

But thankfully I don't have that perspective.

Considering graduate school, but have neither the time or money, and not even sure if I could get in.

Never thought that I would want to remain in an academic world for any longer than I had to, but the idea of being surrounded by people of that artistic caliber who all focus on concept art is just insanely alluring.

Have such a desire to improve, and I just can't stand to let it take any longer than it has to.
Still haven't become a hermit yet so most of that blame falls on me.


Continuing to have a stronger sense of "self".

Kind of feel like this is dangerous somehow.

But I'm still oblivious 78% of the time, so I guess that helps even things out.


Go read "Scott Pilgrim".

It makes you feel ::awesome::


Zack said...

Why don't you take a year off to make some money and hone your skills and then apply? You will still be young a year--two years--from now and you will still have your whole life ahead of you. Why not take some time to establish an independent base and then return to school.
I know there may be a certain fear of loosing business contacts, but when you come back, you will still be young, and if you truly take away from the experience as much as you hope you will, then those contacts shouldn't be too difficult to renew or replace. After will, quite frankly, still be young.

Hunter said...

Scott Pilgrim is 'OK.'

I like that park drawing, man.

Jess said...

Scott Pilgrim is Fantastic. :D
It's a nice easy read, with lovable characters.

I don't think you need to "take a year off" because you'll just continue to work in your field and keep improving your skills and have projects on the side. But you could just be out in the field working for a year or two and then going to graduate school if you still want to. You are very talented so getting into grad school will probably not be a problem.

I really like that park drawing, I've told you it before like 32432 times. Those colors just make me happy and warm inside.

For some reason Savros.jpg's face looks paul pope-ish to me.

Jess said...

I'd also like to add that I have no words for savros2.jpg