Friday, 16 January 2009

Hey, I finally reached the same amount of posts as my old sketchblog.

cool I guess.

While rummaging through my desktops hard drive I came across the portfolio that got me into Pratt.

Holy crap I was bad.

I mean, not even just comparatively so. Just bad.

Maybe they can sense spirit or something, but I'm kind of amazed that things have worked out this well so far.

Well, all the more reason to try harder.

And on that note, more quickies.


Zack said...

Well, you also have to remember that you made that portfolio by doddling in class...

I like the drawing of the wood...

bruce said...

This is great stuff, Harry. The "wood" painting reminds me of a Fontana. Check out Fontana. And Brenda Slimani (sp.?) - check out her portraits. Anyway, love the way your work is evolving.