Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Without a doubt the way I draw and approach drawing is going to be greatly affected by this upcoming semester.

I embrace this change absolutely.

My mind, my imagination, the way I approach my work, I'm always haunted by the fear that stagnation will overtake, or is already overtaking, those things and all that I produce.

I'm young and still learning constantly from what I do or fail to do, so maybe I shouldn't be so worried.

But it's hard, and perhaps pointless, to try and separate myself now from who I will be twenty years from now.

Much easier to just view the future as something that has already happened, and to work to shape the past so that it becomes a bit more livable.


But so many superfluous things constantly distract me and engage me. The problem is that I really can't tell what is going to be important and what isn't.

In hindsight it's always easy to see where time was wasted or where it was well spent, but as is proved relentlessly throughout my life and others it is often the stupidest and most inconsequential of decisions that turn out to have the most lasting effects.

Good or bad of course.

etc etc etc.

No sense in rambling on about a point everyone has ground into dust with thought already.


Here's to a new four years with someone who seemed to be the right decision at the time.

Let's hope it pays off a bit more than the last few rounds.

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