Thursday, 29 January 2009

So I applied for internships at Blizzard and Pixar today.

Both of them supply housing and both of them pay.

They are also two of the most desirable companies to work at in the country.

Haha, a chance in a million, but whatever, the nice thing is that it doesn't cost anything to submit a portfolio, so it's just like playing a fantastic lotto for free that not only calculates chance, but throws in skill as well.


And comic-con is coming up in a week, so although that won't be the same level of *awesome* that getting into pixar or blizzard would be, I figure I might as well shop around my portfolio there too.

Why the hell not, right?


Hunter said...

It's been my dream to work for Blizzard since I was like ten. I hope the gods favor you.

Nextron said...

robots!!! need more robots