Monday, 21 July 2008

*cronch cronch cronch* Half sugar, half wheat.

Don't have to wait till tomorrow.

Three hydrogen bombs, scythe made of a friends metal bones, a virus with the idea of god in his mind and the power to match, and Offertorium: Domine Jesu playing in the background.

All sites down.



8 hours, 7.5 to give.

Are you trying to prove something with eyes like that?

You want a taxi? Haha. YOU WANT TAXI?

Fuck. Wipe eyes, wipe nose. Breathe out slow.

Well this is a hollow happiness isn't it?

Didn't I just talk about not doing this? Can't even stop myself.

Keep dreaming about traveling. But although the place is always beautiful I keep being preoccupied with the stupid detail of getting there.

friends. Friends.

As you read, judging. Or not maybe.

A tiny circle with an outer metal ring, and a peg in the middle. The peg is very small. A frictionless ball bearing sits snugly, but not tightly, in between the peg and the inner wall inside of the circle. It starts to move quickly around the peg in one direction. At a certain speed it cannot be stopped.

A two dimensional letter.

Knowing *exactly* what to do, and then not having the willpower to do it.

toothbrushes. guh.

Three fingers at the back of the throat.

Wake up every day with the weight of dreams forcing me to dwell.


This has been three minutes of typing muddled memories for your enjoyment, and for something else probably.