Monday, 28 July 2008

sadly my tablet is back at the factory...

so I guess I'll do some doodles for you at the labs?

I'm tired now.

but I'll edit this post and actually write something tomorrow morning.



wait, I totally lied there.

So in light of the current state of my brain I'm thinking about performing a small lobotomy.

I'm sure removing about quarter of it wouldn't change too much about me anyways.

And even if it did, at that point would I even really care?

Anyways, it's not like my hands don't do most of my work independently from my mind these days anyways. I'll just give them a few of my old sketchbooks and they can go at it. Hell I've got enough creative friends, I'm sure they wouldn't mind tossing them a bone from time to time.

zero higher brain functions = total peace of mind.

and that's always a good thing right?

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Zack said...

Peace of mind? Not to be confused with stagnation...