Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Woke up at eight to go to work, worked till five (with a headache throughout), got home, fell asleep till nine, went to the city and watched a movie with my dad till twelve.

Really disjointed feeling. But wow. What an amazing nap. Just, wow.

The movie was about some adult teenagers and some teenage adults slumming around in L.A. Everyone came across as incredibly obnoxious and overbearing, and for the life of me I could not tell what the hell the movie was trying to get across.

The only person that was "punished" by the end of the movie was a slightly nice guy who was still fucking creepy at multiple parts thoughout the film. All the other characters, creepy, inane, immature, narcissistic... they all end up more or less the same at the end.

Apparently everyone lives in this eternal state of self gratifying hollowness with zero long term plans aside from keeping yourself from drowning in the stupidity of everyone else, even while you contribute your own fair share.

I mean, the only real obvious storyline, that of a dysfunctional boy and girl, never even comes to fruition! The both interact with similiar people, never meet up, and the end of the movie closes without any finality or even resolution.

You keep asking yourself, "why did that just happen? Was that necessary? How stupid can people really be??"

So really what I'm trying to say was the movie was almost absurdly true to life, and although it will fail absolutely and everyone who sees it will hate it, has managed to capture the essence of at least a good portion of humanity.

I'm glad I live in New York though.

Even though everyone takes themselves ridiculously seriously, zero accountability is the name of the game, and most of the times when people succeed they do it through personality rather than actual skill, all the same at least it promotes itself as an intelligent city that values creativity...

Though to be honest, the smugness of new york in how assured it is of its place as the mecca of arts and intelligence can be a bit grating. Most of manhatten produces *nothing* of any real worth any longer, serving essentially as a massive isolated community of the increasingly wealthy, and the people that actual have the need to be creative are shoved into areas surrounding manhatten (or in the upper destitute areas), places where they don't really want to be and are not really wanted either.

I'd imagine that cities where there is a desperate need to prove themselves as having ideas and inspiration will continue to rise towards the surface, invevitably overtaking new york and leaving it behind as a place where people can go to galleries that have managed to exist only because a few art dealers are willing to buy out the entire place for the sole sake of reselling them at even more absurd prices, while the new cities actually have people that create and appreciate art and entertainment not because of what it could be, but because of what it is.


or not.

Maybe it's time for america to just wallow in its own juices for a few more years before bottoming up.

Oh hey, I'm gonna go visit canada in early august!


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