Tuesday, 28 October 2008


two things I should do in order to help this blog/my own memory.

Start writing things down as they come to me in a sketchbook (guess I can cram them around my doodles), and start doing these posts earlier than four oclock in the morning.


I'll do that.

Also, isn't it annoying how everything you experience that has any kind of meaning or depth to it has been experienced before by billions of people and will be experienced by billions more after you?

I mean, whether it's a good experience or a bad one, the chances of it being "unique" are impossible nowadays, and even if circumstantially it's never been done before (walking on the moon or some such thing) even then the *feelings* at that moment in you have definitely been felt before.

Wouldn't it be nice to think, do, or feel something that is absolutely fresh and unique to you alone, and would never be recreated afterwards no matter how many people tried?

I think it'd be nice.


MONster said...

the last one is creeepy

Pax said...

that last one is my *favorite*
tell me, are you for or against using the vehicle of science to bring dinosaurs back to life?
i saw a homeless man having a seizure today in union square, (people were with him) but still it was frightening and I was kind of happy i wasn't alone in that helpless feeling

Zack said...

Unsurprisingly, my favorite is the picture of the shinto shrine...