Thursday, 30 October 2008

so close to mass e-mailing for internships next semester.

still a few final tweaks to make.


In the past I always tried to balance my social time with my work time, and although I wasn't always great at doing so I really did try to make things work out both ways.

But now I can't do that anymore.

I'm not just saying that I'm choosing not to, I'm saying that it's really getting harder and harder for me to spend time *not* doing work.

I still enjoy going out (hypothetically), and I still enjoy relaxing, but there's a constant gnawing at the back of my mind now.

A perfect example is when I go home to visit my parents every other week or so (every month?).

I love seeing them, the house is beautiful, the conversation is good, the food is delicious, and the bed is comfortable.

And I stress the entire time I'm there.


And when I come across as distant or uncaring it's only because my brain and day is kinda overclocked as it is...

and if I let you down I swear I never meant to.


I'm only going to get worse.

I'm going to *try* as hard as I can to get worse.

It's really the only way I'm going to be happy with my work and where I'm going with everything.



happy halloween dudes and dudettes.

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Natalie Marie said...

I know that feeling well. Balancing friends and work is super hard and I know it sounds awful but we're here to learn, not to make friends. We need to perfect our craft so that we can get a job that we enjoy. At some point, things will slow down and we'll all get to hang out again, but if people are your true friends they realize you aren't ignoring them but have things that are just too pressing. I also can relate to the stressing while home deal. I went home over Halloween and was freaking out about homework the entire time. Ack! Type A personalities, that's really the issue here.