Tuesday, 7 October 2008


It's been a week already?

I was sure that I had updated...

Well, in any case, time has been moving at an insane rate for me recently.

I kind of feel like my old hour is the new day.

I have under two months until this semester ends and it feels like a week or so away.

What's really terrifying about this is that soon my pleasant educational cove is going to flush me out to sea.

And it's not that I mind all the terrifying monstrosities, pirates, weather and schenanigans I'm likely to run into out there...

I just kinda hate swimming in cold water.

but uh...


Give or take a few hours of sleep, things could not be going better.

My color and line brain muscles are pumping up, learning a shitton about the business side of things, and producing work that I really feel represents where I am right now. (whatever that means)

Good things are happening socially, although work of course takes the priority, and my audio books are starting to make me think linguistically in the style of 1800's Britain.

My kitties are purring pretty much nonstop nowadays, and although they take a mean shit I usually manage to toss it out before it starts befouling the air.


If I could have one thing right now that I don't...

it would bee...

Ah. A whole day to just nap on the couch with no interruptions with a kitty purring on my chest.

But, oh well, i'll take that in half hour chunks if I have to.

(unfinished pictures are GO!)


Kate said...

ooooh. the ones in the middle give me shivers.

the good kind.

Zack said...

I love that hillside. In fact, if you don't object, I may steal it for my desktop background...

Natalie Marie said...

mk so I really like the ones that look like watercolor and the one of the female robot...you've become so much more diversified in your methods and subject matter