Thursday, 9 October 2008

This week was bananas.

I haven't felt so rushed in a long time.


It's over now, so it's time to go visit my parents, head up to new jersey, and maybe even throw a few shrimp on a barbie.


So I kind of love History of Illustration class. If just because it is incredibly depressing, but *filled* with the most eye opening masters of illustration from throughout the last few hundred years.

I mean, holy crap. The great masters of the fine arts had NOTHING on these guys.

I kid you not.


And because of that, I think I'm finally going to start studying them.

I mean, really sit down, crack open some old illustration books, and see what makes these hundred year old pictures tick.

Hell, I'm the product of the future after all...

(and on a somewhat related/unrelated note, here are some 90 second and multi minute long figure drawings, as well as two quick sketch ideas for class)

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