Monday, 24 November 2008

damn, I'm pretty sure I had something I wanted to write about a half an hour ago, but I lost it somewhere.


Well, guess I have to say something.

My cats stare me down ALL THE TIME.

It's not a mean stare, and it's not really loving either.

It's the look a person would give you if they know that you've done something wrong, but just don't have the energy to tell you, and in any case it doesn't effect them.


Maybe they want me to give them a bath.


Also minor annoyance of the day.

Listening to "The Castle" as an audiobook, and each section starts with "Thiiiis is AAUuuudible Kiiiiids!!!"

no. NO. I refuse to believe that Kafka's "The Castle" is now counted as a children's book.


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