Sunday, 16 November 2008


exhausted, and it's only 11:00.

Did some good work today, but still have another three or so hours before I should be going to sleep.

This post is almost purely procrastination.

Still, I have a bunch of work I've got to do.


Maybe I'll go get an ice cream bar.



that is a good idea.




I think I'm going to start writing a short story featuring a character from my dreams and posting it here.

I guess I'll do it in increments.

Hopefully I'll write it as soon as I wake up, featuring whatever dream fragments are still floating in my head.

This is mainly going to be a way for me to remember my dreams instead of losing them in the shower every day.

mm. robot universe inner cranial telekinetic exploration drama.


shao said...

this is incredibly badass! did you do the lines with photoshop?

i've been meaning to try drawing assorted mug shots...

Harry said...

do it!

also, yeah, just pure photoshop, regular brush and eraser.

make em weird...