Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Something has been bothering me for awhile now.

It's a problem I haven't had to deal with in years, and even then it was dealt with by my friends and my family.

Sporadically the problem has risen briefly, but I was always able to contain it with a few seconds of help from anyone who happened to be nearby.

But now I can ignore it no longer.

Something has to be done.

yes, my music library is utterly boring to me and virtually all of it has to be replaced.

The biggest problem is that since I only have a few thousand songs I've listened to all of them an absurd amount of times, and they've all come to take on connotations of somebody I no longer am, ontop of the fact that they are no longer exciting or ever surprising.

And yes, I'm still not someone who listens to alot of music, and no, I don't have a favorite band or anything like that.

But all the same I do like to have something to listen to while walking around or as some background noise for a fight scene in my head or something.

So yes.

I guess I'm asking for recommendations.

or something.




I've come up with an idea for a toy of sorts that will net me millions.

I've attached a crude schematic to this blog post. Perhaps an I.D. student will build me a model of it, but he has to see how much work he has.

Also attached is the beginnings of a new large picture. It is traced from a collage of some pictures I took.


Also a happy cyclops.


Kate said...

neutral milk hotel.
damien rice.
joanna newsom.

all very good music.

Zack said...

May I reccomend dispatch? Start with "The General" and figure out what stuff of theirs you like from their. They're a pretty diverse group. "Open up" is pretty good too.

Another good song (although I haven't listened to anything else the group has done is "Gunship Politico" by State Radio. Again, no clue what the rest of their work is like, but I do enjoy that song.

I've always found that I never like more than half of what any individual group does. I don't know why...

Pax said...

radiohead starting with In Rainbows
beirut - gulag orkestar
the books -thought for food
sufjan (oh that cute romantic!)
gogol bordello
belle and sebastian

the clash london calling
bob dylan freewheelin
simon and garfunkel
electronic light orchestra mr. blue sky

some good starts..whats the difference between ur toy and a tomagachi?