Thursday, 6 November 2008


a president that is young, smart, not a douche, and happens to help race relations.

a new harddrive/scratchdisk that makes it so I can work at 30"x30" illustrations at 300 dpi.

a fifty cent raise at work, and my boss telling me that I'm one of the best workers he has, which is kind of ridiculous.

a fantastic schedule for next semester where I've managed to parlay six credits of liberal arts into scientific illustration.

and the final new good thing is...

I managed to swing an internship at a gaming company!

I'm going to be working on concept art for them, and the very first game I was given to do work for features cyborgs, mutants, mad science and a post apocalyptic landscape.

I know right?

Seriously, I could just print out a few pages of my normal doodles and just hand them in.

although that would deprive me of how much fun I'm going to have, so I think I'll refrain.




holy crap I'm tired.


Natalie Marie said...

Congrats! Sounds like things are going well for you.

Pax said...

congrats on ur internship, thats awesome!