Tuesday, 26 August 2008

damn, school's about to start and all of a sudden I've got virtually no time to draw.

thankfully it's not just because I've lost all will to move, but because I've been meeting with old friends, going to concerts, attending birthdays, dancing, eating, drinking, and in general just being all around merry.

Still not sure if that's a good excuse or not.


Also I've been catching up on a few animes I've been meaning to watch.

Now this isn't purely for pleasure.

I have to watch them in order to review them for that far off anime festival thing that I'm guest curating for.

But man.

I feel *rekindled* in my love for the japanese dedication and attention to detail.


The sheer love of detail, movement, lighting and line is breathtaking. Like, not just a gasp of breath, but a punch to the gut, double over on the ground breathtaking.

I wish there was a trick, or a hint, or some sort of technique that I could pick up from these animations and just apply to my own work.

But the only one that is obvious is just spending an absurd amount of time on every single detail, photoreferencing the fuck out anything you want to draw, and more or less making yourself a SLAVE to your work.


haha. What an sobering/intoxicating thought.

So yeah.

here's a ten second doodle in lieu of any actual drawings (which I actually have, but do not have access to at the moment. really!)

titled: lol hypocrisy

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