Monday, 11 August 2008


I'm pretty sure I had an idea for an awesome blog post.

That was a day or so ago.

Completely lost now.


Anyways, spent most of yesterday browsing through


So many fantastic illustrators.

So much good advice.

A quick tidbit that I picked up which should have been OBVIOUS but had eluded me until now was the obvious tonal values of colors correlating to the tonal values of grays!

What this means is that if I apply it right I should be able to do a tonal sketch of something using only gray values in order to build up volume quickly and efficiently.

Then, substituting each tonal level for the color at that level, I should be able to let the picture virtually decide what colors get put down and how.

I've tried this before but always gotten strange results, in large part because I largely ignored the inherent values of the colors.

Mind you, I haven't put this to the test yet, but it all seems to work out in my head.

Also made some awesome new brushes by taking black and white images of various cells and crater formations and then changing them into brushes in photoshop.



that awesome blog post is still eluding me.

ah well.

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