Thursday, 14 August 2008

Not sure if everyone is going to be a fan of the sketches and coloring I did today, but what I was aiming for was *speed* which I feel I accomplished quite well.

These are really supposed to quick prototype color, light, contrast and balance sketches.

Hopefully I'll get a bit better and cleaner with them, and will be able to crank them out before a big project (or even possibly... a job? someday? maybe?)

Kinda give myself a decent idea of what I'm getting myself into before I go ahead with it. (seriously, canceling an idea a few days into it is kinda frustrating.)


I also played monopoly today. You know, I *try* to be someone who other people will want to play with again in the future...

but it's so hard.

By the end of the game it was just me and Alex. Everyone else had long since been wiped off the board.

He had helped them when he could, and apologetically taken their property when he had to.

I had done my best to crush them all and the property I had gotten was ruthlessly pushed forwards.

It was a long final battle.

The forces of Good. Versus... um... evil. I guess.

At times it could have swung either way, and vast fortunes were amassed and lost.

but in the end...



let's just say the hobbits weren't jumping on the bed at the end of THIS story.


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