Wednesday, 13 August 2008

eh... I was planning on working on head studies today.

I didn't.


however I am going to try a new approach to how I start pictures.

Very small black and white thumbnails, focusing on the basic forms and light.

Still pretty shaky on it, but I've found it to be interesting at least.

this should be able to tie into what I was saying earlier about values = colors, and I can keep just zooming in for detail work as i need to.

(also came up with some more brushes. it's uh, relaxing I guess?)

Recently I've been thinking about the progress I've made over the last few years when it comes to illustration.


I just wrote out a long metaphor here that I then trashed.

essentially what it said was, I've got to diversify.

yes, I know, this is obvious, but I guess I feel like I'm ready now?

anyways, yeah. time to go back to freshman year with some new approaches towards light, color, design, and figure drawing.


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