Saturday, 16 August 2008

twas my mothers birthday today!

I made her a kitty picture and bought her a big book.

I am a good son.



although she wouldn't let me set the kitty picture as her background for some reason.



Saw Zack and Kate briefly today as they traversed up and down the island. To be fair I only got to squeeze them into the time it took to eat some ice cream and walk down from union square to my house, but it was a beautiful day to just walk and talk.

Really, why has it been so nice?

I'm really expecting a blizzard to crash down on us all any moment now. I just feel that we've spent all of our nice days in one lump sum, and the upcoming fall and winter is going to beat us all around the face and neck.

Really, hopefully everyone has charged their solar batteries good and proper, because if a *long* *dark* winter comes don't say I didn't warn you.


Maybe I'll go to the beach tomorrow!


(maybe I'll take my tablet to the beach. haha... no, bad idea, bad idea.)

but hey,

school starts soon, and with it...


1 comment:

Kate said...

you weren't lying about the creepiness of the cat.

it was really nice to see you! you are always great fun. i'm glad you're enjoying the weather.